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Mevlana city of Konya, the developing city of central Anatolia. Combining historical heritage with modern urban life that it receives from the Seljuks in Konya, especially Seb-i We both are home to thousands of visitors from home and abroad in the day. Sufism with becoming a concept of interest all over the world to become a popular tourist from Konya, awaits visitors.

Konya, which has about 7000 years of settlement history, the oldest town in Anatolia. The city’s name is “sacred depiction of” meaning “icon” is thought to derive from the word. The city of the Hittites before Turkey, Lydians, Greeks, Seleucids, Romans and Bergamin should become dominant.

Kent, in 1072 after the Battle of Manzikert Kutalmışoğlu was conquered by Süleyman Shah. In 1097, the capital of the Anatolian Seljuks Iznik, past the Crusaders, the capital moved to Konya. the city has gained importance during this period. Anatolian Seljuk state until it was dismantled in Konya, the state capital, olmuş.anadol after the Seljuks, Karamanoğulları was central to the principality. In the middle of 1465 by the Ottoman Principality Karamanoğulları lifted from town to town during the geçti.osmanl the hands of the Ottomans, became the center of Karaman province. The population of the region during this period to 1.5 million ulaştı.birinc until the end of World War II the city was occupied by the Italians in the Armistice agreement. Some time after the end of the Entente Konya disagreement with Italy on March 20, 1920 invasion, survived.

Today, Konya, one of the fastest growing cities of Central Anatolia with the evolving industry. the moves made in the tourist area of the city in recent years, will attract the attention of visitors in the city soon show will become a city.

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Before You Go

Mevlana know!
Konya mean, mean greatly Mevlana. a meaningful visit to Konya, you need to recognize Mevlana. Work at home is good for your lesson before visiting Konya. Read as much as you can read about Mevlana. When you come to the Mevlana Museum in Konya navigate absolute.

Konya cuisine is affected by the Mevlevi tradition, one of Anatolia’s richest cuisines. So be ready to put on weight when you came to Konya. tastes like meat and bread and bakery kebab is a must try.


Hard to say that there is a feature that differentiates it from other Anatolian Konya city’s shopping life. It has recently opened shopping centers in the city. With you when leaving the city, you can get the fabric produced in the city.


City of historical richness of culture, the richness of culture is reflected in the kitchen. With its rich history and culture of Konya, a colorful kitchen sahip.selçuklu are emerging and maturing during the Ottoman period Konya cuisine, deeply influenced by the tradition of the Mevlevi, who ruled the city. Mevlevi discipline, sağlamış.kony the mention of the emergence of some ritual in cooking meat and bread comes to mind first. However oven kebab and cheese in pita bread with meat so the flavor should be tested at least in Konya…


Although the city of Konya, driven by the rapid industrialization and tourism, is still one of the most conservative cities in Anatolia. So Konya’s night life is not very movable. The city’s nightlife, the bar usually takes the big hotels.

Get In

Located in the middle of the Anatolian Konya, a city easy to transport. Especially to be close to Ankara, Konya, which makes the transportation. The city is accessible by land and air.


Konya, one of the lucky cities have solved the problems of inner city public transport. There are effective bus and tram network in the city. Public transport e-ticket and e-ticket system for the smart card is used. If you use more public transport in Konya E-Ticket If you plan to stay a long time in Konya you can choose the e-Card.


By train: It is possible to reach the town from Central Anatolia and Istanbul Meram express. In the summer of 2011 began the road between the Konya-Ankara High Speed Train expedition landed in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

By bus: from the city to almost all major cities in Turkey can be reached directly by bus. The bus station is provided with access to buses.

By plane: The city can be reached by air from Istanbul. Turkish Airlines, Anadolu Jet and Pegasus organizes shuttle per day to the city. Urban transport between the airport is provided by Havas buses.